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Long-term eat too fast, also is one of the fuse of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, cardiovascular disease. If you want to have a good figure and good health, you should start by “eating slowly”. Chew on one side of your teeth five times, switch to the other, and repeat three times. Alternate your teeth to give your muscles a good workout. Old people digest function is weaker, a meal had better chew 25~50 times, ability gives food center enough excitement time, help food digest. Buy PhenQ Pills At Official Website Is The Best Option, Rush to go to work in the morning, go to school, often have a meal time is very tight, the proposal divides breakfast into two steps: eat before going out in the morning, milk adds bread, soya bean milk adds steamed stuffed bun, phenq ou phen375 can swallow quickly.

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Eat nuts, fruit, and a cup of yogurt. When a lot of people have lunch at noon, they are still immersed in the state of work. It is suggested that office workers adjust their mood by taking advantage of the opportunity to have lunch, temporarily forget work and concentrate on eating. Dinner adds roughage, dinner can eat a bit of cereal and cold dish phenq farmacia italia, cold vegetable fiber is much and moisture content is high, can increase chewing times. In the same way, whole grains are slower to eat than white rice.

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When food is made larger and less energy-dense, Buy PhenQ Pills At Official Website Is The Best Option, people eat more slowly and less. According to this principle, it is recommended to use whole-grain porridge as the main food, with a large bowl of porridge containing less than 10 percent dry matter. In addition can increase the fruit and phenq diet pills reviews vegetable high water content of food, do not throw away the chewy skin and outer leaves. Tableware, can use shallow dish and transparent tableware, use small spoon instead of chopsticks, or alternate use of spoon and chopsticks to eat, can ensure that each mouthful of food can fully chew, help reduce calorie intake.