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Each bite is chewed 28 times, and a meal takes 30 minutes to finish. His blood sugar levels rose slowly during the meal, peaking at 129 mg/dl in about 90 minutes, far less than when the meal was fast. Participants also reported eating less if they ate more slowly, which is the body’s “satiety center” at work. Blood sugar levels rise significantly about 15 minutes after you start eating, and peak about 30 minutes later, when the brain sends the gut a “I’m full” signal. Eat too fast, Buy More PhenQ Packages Stand A Chance To Save Money your brain doesn’t have time to respond to this signal, and you’ll keep overeating phenq available in stores.

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The participants ate more slowly and after 10 days, they lost 2.1kg. If you eat slowly and fully enjoy the taste and nutrition of your food, you will have a better figure and body than those who eat fast. Eat slowly can promote the secretion of gastric juice, will grind food more fine, easy to digest and absorb, reduce the burden of intestines and stomach. Eating too fast may cause digestive metabolic disorders, causing constipation. Eat slowly, allowing your phenq coupon codes brain to react as you chew, instructing your digestive organs to prepare accordingly. Keep your mouth healthy by chewing more and exercising your jaw and promoting blood circulation to your gums.

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The saliva secreted during chewing contains lysozyme and other antibacterial factors, which can effectively prevent the stay and reproduction of bacteria in the mouth. Japanese lifestyle phenq black friday website livedoor reported that chewing more during meals can increase blood flow to the hippocampus, the memory center, Buy More PhenQ Packages Stand A Chance To Save Money, which helps keep the brain healthy. Psychologist Richard wolfson warns that taking the time to enjoy your food is important for both mental and physical health and can improve productivity. Chewing at a certain pace also stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone that makes us happy and happy.