I Have Been Shouting From My Roof Top That This Is The Best Software You Can Get!

I Have Been Shouting From My Roof Top That This Is The Best Software You Can Get!


I have been persistently at it!

Yet, when I see around I see hundreds of negative reviews and a hundred other detailed testimonials of people who say that they may have used this software yet it did not work out for them. I would want to ask each one of them what didn’t work out for them. In fact, believe me, I did!

I messaged each one of those people who posted on the World Wide Web who cared to carefully write and put up their review for the whole world to see. But no surprises there, I did not receive a single reply!


Because these people who post such vile remarks and testimonials do not exist in the real world!

Would you believe me if I tell you that there is an industry where such negative reviews and testimonials are sold by the dozen and for a paltry sum of few dollars?

Would you believe me if I told you that these people on the internet are only fake ids of people and that they are not found walking on this earth in flesh and blood!

Perhaps yes!

If I can show you a proof to the contrary.

So, I got to work. I downloaded this software called Bitcoin Trader onto my computer and began documenting my trade journey. I took screenshots to painstakingly put together a journal so that it becomes a conclusive proof that I have indeed traded on it and that I have made my money here.

My full review of the software is up and it has been received well. I am happy that I could reach out to a lot of people who were under a delusion that all the trading software are scammers who are only out to cheat the traders.

There are scams but not all of them!

To categorically state that all the trading software is legit will be taking generalization too far. But I hoped to take it one at a time. I have been able to prove that this software is not one of them that will fleece the trader.

But trading is still fraught with risks:

If the trader loses money to the software, it is not because the software is a fraud but because the risk is second nature to trading. It is the essence of it. You cannot take away risk and still call it trading. There is a big difference between trading and defrauding. Bitcoin Trader is trading software par excellence.