Here Is An Honest Appraisal Of The Software That Helped Me Win My Dignity Back

Here Is An Honest Appraisal Of The Software That Helped Me Win My Dignity Back


I hadn’t almost written myself off!

When the great recession was happening, I half knew that I wouldn’t be able to survive in a field where attrition rates are so high that a senior could be shown the door even if he was one of the best performing guys in the organization.

Before I began working for this giant multinational, I only had a startup in mind:

I did not want to enter in naïve and then quit because even though I was educated formally, what I lacked was a business background. So, I gave myself a few years to learn it practically. It helped that I did not even have enough money in my bank to begin anything worthwhile. It was all planned o coincide with getting a little experience as well as being able to pay up the impending student loan commitments as well as to be able to stash away enough in the savings to become independent as soon as possible.

Inflation can be killing!

I honestly remember not being able to save and stash anything great but I was happy because I was still earning enough to be able to support my lifestyle independently. Dependence would have spelled death for me even back then.

But the pink slip was handed in too quickly!

Before I knew I was out of the company and wondering what I could do to support myself. I began trading on Bitcoin Trader along with a host of other things that I did, for instance, I wrote freelance for a financial journal.

Trading seemed natural to me but I never expected it to go so well for me!

I was surprised when I could make enough money from trading sitting all by myself in my own porch and in my home clothes itself. I was able to make a brilliant saving account too. And I am not even exaggerating!

A few months into trading and my paranoia on becoming poor and homeless vanished into thin air. I knew I had found a calling. It was something that I was passionate about; where I was my own boss and not answerable to anyone for that matter.

For as little as $250 for an initial deposit, there is a lot of freedom that you get to exercise. I have become used to trading now even though I have a day job again. A few hours of trading before calling it a day is great for relaxing and also for my ego!

A full review is in order soon. I shall post the link as soon as it is inked. Wait for it!!