E-Commerce is Electronics Commerce. It has made internet revolutionary. It is the way by which normal or traditional way doing the business is converted into the digital way of doing business. This can be said as doing business electronically. Like the internet that bought revolution in the field of information and communication; e-commerce has brought in revolution in the international or national fields of business transactions. Visit site to understand the transactions carried out nationally and internationally. For the developed nation, e-commerce is the point of capturing the world market. On the other hand, for the developing nation, e-commerce is seen as a tool to develop their financial status and compete with the developed nation. The period 1950 to 1990 was dominated by global trading from Japan. The first and the forth most reason for global trading to be dominated is excellence in communication and information. The period of nineties leads to the emergence of Internet with universal communication and information. This automatically led to the downfall of global trading organizations. Comparatively, there are many advantages of e-commerce.

  • Like the trading organizations, the online business does not impose any fees or charge for conducting business.
  • The speed of the internet has helped one to reach the nook and corner of the world being at the seat in their office. In this way, the global markets are easily captured at ease.
  • One can work anywhere in this world. This is similar to work from home. Just with the click of the internet, one can operate at any time from anywhere.
  • The business to a business relationship and the seller to buyer relationship is developed without the middle man or any broker or the traders.
  • Internet shopping helps us select the products we need from the place we are with a wide variety of options from all the corners of the world.
  • Apart from the banking and shopping sector, other areas that are being covered are education (syllabus, mock tests), politics (aactivity of the parties) and society and everyday lives of the people (day to day news).
  • Unless like TV, radio, computers; the internet has reached the people at a faster rate due to its high penetrative and expansive power.
  • It is time convenient too that is available all the time at all time zones. It is active all the time.