Documents required for a business administration

Documents required for a business administration

Documentation is the most predominant thing needed for a good business administration. A business analyst has to deal with various types of documents and they are listed as follows.

  1. Business requirement document(BRD)
  2. Functional requirement document(FRD)
  3. User stories
  4. Product requirements document(PRD)
  5. Use case specification document
  6. Market requirements document(MRD)
  7. Requirements traceability matrix(RTM)


BRD plays a major role in business as it gives us the actual requirements of the clients. It is a very formal document and it can be in the form of written or verbal. This document is usually collected by the business analyst who transits the knowledge from the customers.

This is very useful till the stakeholder’s hand over the expected product or service to the patrons. Since it has all the inputs for the project, it has to be maintained very carefully. BRD should be prepared with some default template.we can also click here and make a google search to know more about it.


FRD is just the derivation of BRD and so many companies avoid giving FRD as they have given all the details clearly in BRD. FRD can be prepared by the business analyst with the help of a technical expert. Though it is same as BRd, it doesn’t require any standard format to be followed.


As the name sounds, PRD is just a document prepared for the end product. The business analyst should understand the needs of the customers before they start writing this document. These documents are usually prepared for the software product since it is very difficult to produce the same product which the customer actually wants.


This document is prepared just to replicate the client’s idea and needs. It must explain who are the customers, what is the main product that has been discussed and why the clients want that product.


Thus concluding that satisfying the clients is not at all a gameplay and it is really a tough thing. Not all the customers are soft and gentle, some might be very rude and they will never accept even a small blunder we made in their expected end result. So, be careful while preparing the above documents. Gather the information from the regulars very keenly and try to reflect it in the product deployment.

The clients are the backbone for the businesses and so try to satisfy them as much as you can and enhance your business both horizontally and vertically.