Promoting eLiteracy: An Open, Blended Approach in Higher Education

Cardwell, C and Madigan, D (2004) Promoting eLiteracy: An Open, Blended Approach in Higher Education. JeLit 1(1).

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Developing collaborative partnerships is an effective way to promote eLiteracy in higher education. Collaboration helps break new ground and create richer projects while it prevents duplication of efforts and promotes more effective use of resources. It is frequently noted that collaboration between librarians and faculty is beneficial and essential; however, another collaborative partnership--one between the library and faculty development center--may prove to be even more beneficial. Both share similar missions and are responsible for serving a wide variety of audiences. In this paper, the authors detail a collaboration between the library and faculty development center as well as provide information about the rich learning environment they are able to create because of their shared teaching and learning philosophy. The authors consider a rich learning environment to be one that promotes the development of transferable skills. That is, instructors concentrate on developing high-level cognitive skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and team building; and avoid low-level or “how to” instruction. Additionally, the authors believe that an open, blended approach to teaching and learning allows them to have a greater impact on student learning and success. They conclude by encouraging librarians and faculty development staff to seek out collaborative partnerships.