One essential direction: information literacy, information technology fluency

Bundy, A (2004) One essential direction: information literacy, information technology fluency. JeLit 1(1).

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The 2001 Australian Information literacy standards state that information technology (IT) literacy or fluency requires more intellectual abilities than the software and hardware knowledge associated with computer literacy, but that the focus is still on the technology. Information literacy (IL), however, is an intellectual framework developed since the mid 1970s for recognising the need for, understanding of, finding, evaluating and using information. This may be supported in part by IT or eLiteracy, in part by sound investigative methods, but most significantly through critical discernment and reasoning. Eliteracy, however it is defined, should therefore be contextualised within the IL framework, not apart from it. Revision of a paper presented at eLit 2003: second international conference on information and IT literacy held at Glasgow Caledonian University 11-13 June 2003.