Welcome to the Journal of eLiteracy!

Martin, A and Ashworth, S (2004) Welcome to the Journal of eLiteracy!. JeLit 1(1).

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A new academic journal represents a community of practice seeking to identify, and to understand, itself and its concerns, and to share them with others. According to Wenger and his colleagues, “A community of practice is not just a web site, a database, or a collection of best practices. It is a group of people who interact, learn together, build relationships, and in the process develop a sense of belonging and mutual commitment.” (Wenger, McDermott, & Snyder, 2002: 34) This journal is a further step forward in development of the community of practice which began to come together at the eLit conferences from 2002 on – the first two in Glasgow, the third, reported on in these pages, in New York. That community is concerned with the empowerment of learners through the literacies associated with living in digital environments.